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  Shilanganache Sone - #17637

Shilanganache Sone -  Cast: Hansa Wadkar, Shanta Apte, Sulochana, Baburao Pendharkar,
DHULGAON and ANANDGAON two villages close to the border were in turnoil because of the atrocities of AURANGZEB. The brave General of Dhulgaon RAGHOJI, had proposed to SAKWER, daughter of the General of Anandgaon with the intention to form an alliance if she accepts and to attack and capture if she rejects. In order to foil this King Shivaji had appointed two brave Generals namely BHIRJI and KADTOJI. A surprise attack on Anandgaon by dacoits chanting pro Shivaji slogans had changed Sakwer's opinon of Shivaji. Angered by her actions Raghoji ultimately decides to attack Anandgaon. An intense drama, superb performanes and a taut storyline makes this an evergreen classic.

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