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Marathi Books / मराठी पुस्तके
Video cassette to mp4 conversion
USB - Pen drives / पेन ड्राईव्ह
Wall Posters - Indian theme
Marathi Snacks / मराठी खाद्यपदार्थ
Gifts/Wedding Favors - भेटवस्तु - वाढदिवस, लग्नानिमित्त
Books - Coffee Table
Marathi CDs / मराठी सीडी
Travel Services

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Rhythm House

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  Return Policy

? You can return any items within 30 days of purchase for a replacement only if it is defective. Cash refund will be provided only if it can not be replace. If the item is defective shipping cost will be reimbursed.

? If you received any items in a damaged condition, please ship them back to us with a note saying "Received in damaged condition" and we will replace the copies and reimburse you for the shipping. .

? Please package items securely using packaging similar to the original packaging and ship to the address given below: .

Neelam Audio & Video, Inc. 144 Hope Road, Holland, PA 18966-5408 USA.

Please CONTACT US using the contact us tab at the top right corener above, if you have any questions.

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