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  Airline Tickets and more #18258
Airline Tickets and more  We are pleased to announce that Neelam team are entering into a new venture of providing travel related services - Airline or cruise tickets, trip planning and hotel reservations.

We are fully aware that most of us are now experts of doing these things on our own online. But a few times when trying to make our own reservations, we were not able to find good deals on our own and ended up using a travel agent who could get us a better flight and schedule.

So we decided to become a sub-agent for their services, which has been in business for 30 years and currently have sub-agents in US, Canada, and India.

So please let us know next time you're looking to book any travel and we can see if we can find something that fits your needs as a 2nd opinion. And in the end, if you find a better deal yourself, you always have the option of booking on your own.

Quantity1000 item(s) available
Price: $10.00 (Rs 820.00)


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